Bayer AG

Bayer AG is a leading life sciences company based in Germany, with major divisions in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health, Crop Science, and Animal Health, and is comprised of more than 200 companies across 79 countries.


As a global company with a long history of innovation and successful acquisitions, Bayer’s IT landscape was comprised of complex, isolated systems. This made it difficult to quickly find accurate information. In Bayer’s Pharmaceutical division, if someone requested a pharmacovigilance report about the adverse effects of a product, employees had to search for data from different sources and manually combine the information.

Die Lösung von Appian

Bayer chose Appian to integrate people, processes, and data into a cohesive platform for requesting pharmacovigilance reports. Every step – from request to delivery – is streamlined, documented, and visible, creating a reliable workflow and audit trail. Approvals can be made from any device and recurring decisions are automated, allowing more time to be spent on higher value tasks. With the Appian Platform, Bayer can more accurately and efficiently ensure the safety of their pharmaceutical products.